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Prima Nordic are today one of Europe's leading distributors in the 3D printing field. We have reached this point by challenging ourselves and our suppliers. We are constantly pushing for higher quality and even lower prices. We do this for a very simple reason - we want to be able to always deliver good products to you that can help you and your business grow, that what's called a win-win situation.

The market has expanded very fast during the last years and it continuous to grow even more. That is why it´s so very important that you find the right partner for you to work with. At Prima Nordic, we think we are the one you should decide to do business with.

What we can offer you is a unique access to most of the product you will hopefully need for your business. We operate from our own warehouse where we always have a large stock ready to be shipped.  Our warehouse is located just outside of Malmoe, Sweden. Here we also have our sales offices and service/support. Thanks to a large supply of spare parts, you don´t need to worry if something should happen to a printer you have sold.

At Prima Nordic we are constantly adding new products that are in demand. We also give you access to our picture library so you show your product with nice pictures and text. In our download section, you will also find, besides pictures, data sheets, safety sheets and manuals for our different product.

We understand the importance of fast deliveries and that it´s important to you to be able to buy both small and large quantities. We never push you to buy more than you need for the moment and as a reseller you maybe sometimes don´t want to invest a huge amount of money just to keep very expensive printers in stock. This is where our "drop shipment" option comes in. With this method, you are free to list our full range of products but you don´t have to keep your own stock. You sell the products and let us handle the delivery in your name. Sounds smart? It is, and very convenient for both you and your client.

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